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Club Fitting Promise

By combining the use of both our extensive 12-acre practice facility with our state-of-the-art Zelocity launch monitor that utilizes Doppler radar technology, WE PROMISE to provide you with the most advanced custom fitting possible.


If you purchase a set of clubs from White Clay Creek Country Club after receiving a custom fitting from our professional staff, you will receive 2 complimentary practice facility sessions.


White Clay Creek Country Club carries one of the largest club fitting/demo programs in the State of Delaware and the Greater Philadelphia area. Featuring club fitting systems and demo clubs from most major manufacturers including; Ping, Titleist, Taylor Made, Cobra, Callaway, Srixon, Cleveland , Nike, and U.S. Kids our facility gives you the ability to test different clubs to ensure your confidence in your final decision.

Iron Fittings

Typical iron club fitting sessions will last 1 hour. White Clay Creek has certified Ping and Titleist club fitting professionals on-site to fit you for the proper length, lie angle, shaft type, shaft flex, grip type, grip size, and iron head model. Only with all of these elements custom fit will an individual golfer be able to recognize his or her true ability level as a golfer. Our staff will find your personal specifications using any one of our 3 fitting carts that feature the latest and greatest in golf technology. Once these specifications have been determined it is then possible to apply this information to any club model you prefer.

Driver Fittings

A typical driver fitting session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. The staff at White Clay Creek Country Club will fit you for the proper loft, shaft type, shaft flex, length, grip type, and grip size. With the use of our modern Doppler radar technology based launch monitor, our staff will optimize your initial launch angle and spin rate, depending on your individual ball velocity. Only when these numbers are optimized will a player be able to truly reach his or her distance and direction potential off of the tee. Our staff is committed to helping you realize your maximum carry, roll, and overall distance!

Long Game Fittings

Long game fitting sessions revolve around 2 main concepts, fitting fairway woods and hybrids to an individual’s own personal swing, and filling yardage gaps. Typical duration for long game fitting sessions is 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Not only will our staff fit you for the proper specifications for long game clubs but they will also offer you their best recommendations as to which clubs you should carry in your golf bag to optimize your scores. For instance, if it is determined that you hit your 5 wood and 3 hybrid club the same distance, than there is no reason to have both of these clubs in your bag. Our suggestion will leave the one club in your bag that you have the most confidence in and hit the straightest. Then it will be determined what other club maximizes your potential the most to replace the club that has been removed.

Wedge Fittings

Typical wedge fitting sessions last approximately 30 minutes. With so many different bounce and loft options on the market today it can be difficult to know which selections are the correct ones for you the consumer. Our staff will maximize your short game scoring ability by determining your swing style (sweeper or digger), the typical conditions of the golf courses that you play on most frequently, and then filling yardage gaps. Let our professional staff help you find the perfect set of scoring clubs for your bag today!

Putter Fitting

Putter fitting sessions usually last 30 minutes in length. These sessions are centered on finding the correct length, lie angle, and grip size to fit your putting stance and stroke. Utilizing our state-of-the-art Ping putter fitting tool, our certified fitting staff will help you find a putter that keeps the ball on its intended line more often, and gives you a true end-over-end roll.

Demo Days

Be on the look out for our demo days that we conduct throughout the year.  These events feature every club imaginable from some of the hottest manufacturers in the business.   Call for schedules (incentives offered if clubs are purchased/ordered day of event).  Call the golf shop today to inquire.

Beginner Clinics

Adult Beginner Clinics are for the novice golfer and help students get acquainted with golf etiquette as well as the basic fundamentals of golf including but not limited to; the full swing, putting, chipping, and bunker play. Basic drills and fun ways to practice will be incorporated into these enjoyable clinics. ABC Clinics are also a great way for beginner golfers to meet potential playing partners within the same ability range. Many of our students continue on to “Create Your Own Clinics” or “Customized Private Instruction” following the completion of one or more ABC Clinics.

Fee: $50.00 per person

Shortgame Clinic

Short Game Clinics

Fee: $50.00 per person

Individual Instruction with PGA Member
Ryan Kidwell
Ryan KidwellExecutive Director of Golf
302-994-6700 ext 7416

During his 15 years with Grand Cypress Resort, Ryan was instrumental in helping the resort achieve numerous awards including Merchandiser of the Year and The Gold Medal Award. Additionally, Ryan was principally responsible for the shop being chosen as one of the Top 100 Golf Pro Shops in America for 10 consecutive years. Ryan also helped coordinate PGA and LPGA events at the resort including the Chrysler Plymouth Tournament of Champions, HEALTHSOUTH Inaugural and the 1990 World Cup Golf.

“Ryan is a tremendous addition to our staff here at White Clay Creek”, said Bill Fasy, Chief Operating Officer for Delaware Park. “Not only has he coordinated major national golf tournaments, he built one of the best golf pro shops in the country at Grand Cypress in Florida. We know Ryan will do a great job with us and will be a terrific head pro for our members.”

Ryan was named the Executive Director of Golf Operations for White Clay Creek Country Club in 2006.


PGA Professional Rates



$95 for 1 hour $75.00 for 1 hour
$255 for 3 x 1 hour $200 for 3 x 1 hour
$465 for 6 x 1 hour $389 for 6 x 1 hour
$700 for 10 x 1 hour $589 for 10 x 1 hour
$25 Beginner Youth (4-6)

PGA Apprentice Rates

Adult & Junior Individual Lessons

1 Hour $80
3 x 1 Hour $220
6 x 1 Hour $399
10 x 1 hour $530
Beginner Youth Lessons (4-6) $25

2022 Camp Dates & Pricing Junior Camp

1st Camp: June 20-24 / Half Day -$249

2nd Camp: July 11-15 / Full Day -$439

3rd Camp: July 25-29 / Full Day-$439

4th Camp: August 8-12 / Half Day -$249



$249 Half day
$439 Full day

Ladies Clinics

Ladies clinics are a fun and interactive way to meet other local women golfers while improving your own skills. These clinics are geared to the level of the audience and incorporate a “question and answer” session to get the ball rolling. Bring all of your questions that you have always wanted answers to and prepare to learn. Time is allotted for group discussion, professional demonstrations, and individual technique critique. Come out and meet your next golfing colleague!

Cost : $50.00 per person

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